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Car Shoo - $12.99  FREE Shipping
Keep EVERYONE Safe AND Save! 
Reduced price on multiple purchases. See price list below


 Larger Components

'Foot' Fly Swatter - $4.00 

Foam 'Noodle - $4.00


Smaller Components

Round, Reflecting Sticker (2.5" diameter) - $2.50

Reflecting, Adhesive Strip (9”) - $2.50

Hook and Loop Fasten Strip (12”) - $1.50

Car Shoo  $12.99    FREE standard shipping


Keep EVERYONE Safe AND Save!

Reduced Price on multiple purchases

Larger items

smaller items

International Shipments:  To cover the additional cost of international shipments, please order one extra reflecting sticker or strip for EACH car shoo ordered (see smaller items price list).  You get an extra sticker (or stickers) and we don't lose money on shipping. 
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