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To avoid getting hit, first you have to be SEEN!



Bicycle safety device to make bicycle commuting safe.  It keeps cars away, in keeping with the 3-foot rule, and creates your own bike lane.

The Car Shoo Solution

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The Car Shoo is a simple and inexpensive bicycle
safety device which will help you not get hit by cars.
This piece of safety equipment serves as a physical
reminder to cars, making sure that they maintain a
proper distance from bicycles when passing.
It's like having your own bike lane.
Is it elegant?  NO!
Is it effective? YES! 


One of the greatest threats
to bicycle safety, especially
the safety of bicycle
commuters and urban
bicyclists, is cars passing
too closely and hitting them. 
To improve bicycle safety
more than 25 states have passed legislation
(with more in the process),
called the 3-Foot Rule                                 
 which requires drivers to stay 3 feet from bicycles when passing.

But more needs to be done to improve safety.

The Car Shoo Solution

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                          NO Car Shoo

Without the car shoo safety device cars come too close to the bicycle.  This is not safe.

Yes Car Shoo        

With the car shoo safety equipment, cars stay 3 feet away making bicycle commuting safer.  You have your own bike lane and you will not get hit by cars.